Saturday, March 22, 2008

Farewell Great Grandmother Rocal

Iwill always remember you, the pots and pans you gave me to play w/ , the licorish you had as treats for us kids, the hugs you had ready for me every time I got to visit w/ you and Great Grandpa Phillip. Thank you for making my childhood a wondeful one.

Rocal Arthola Betts

Rocal Arthola BettsTRACY, Calif. -- Rocal Arthola Betts, 91, of Tracy, CA, died March 17, 2008. Rocal (Taylor) Betts was born to Glen and Hazel Taylor in Beverly, Kansas, on October 6, 1916. Rocal graduated from Beverly High School in 1935, and then attended Marymount College where she received her teaching certificate.
She taught at Wilson and Ellsworth schools before marrying Philip Betts in 1947.Rocal and Philip had two children, Michael and Terrence; and 3 stepchildren, Don Betts, James Betts and Phyllis AustinRocal was preceded in death by her husband, Philip; a stepson, James; and 2 brothers, Dean Taylor and Merle Taylor.
She is survived by her children, Michael Betts and Terrence Betts; two stepchildren, Don Betts and Phyllis Austin; a brother, Clifford Taylor; and a sister, Yvonne Robertson; as well as numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Visitation will be held on Sunday, March 23 from 1-8 and the family will receive friends from 3-5 at the funeral home.Services will be held at 10 a.m. Monday, March 24 at Carlson-Geisendorf Funeral Home, 500 S. Ohio, in Salina. Burial will be in Gypsum Hill Cemetery beside her late husband, Philip.

I wish I could be there to say good bye in person, to hug the family I had not seen since Great Grandpa Phillip passed 21 yrs ago, I wish I could be there to see you off in person.
Farewell Great Grandma.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Playing Cat soup

Okay to beging w/ Samantha King is still a pain in our Ass at work. Some of the stupid shit is just unbelievable. I mean... if you don't look but barely 20, bring up three cases of beer, and don't have a driver's license, or any photo I. D. ; then don't think I'm going to allow you to buy the shit. And another thing.. don't send your buddies in right after you pointing at what I've set out of your reach and tell me that they are going to pay for it. It Does Not Work That Way...

On another front, a favorite customer of mine is dying of cancer.. the doctors have last given him just a few months. Every time I see him I want to cry for him, but he holds his head high and Lives his life. I find him to be amazing in his strength of character.

Well, I finally got my digital service and have been trying not to burn up the phone lines. I did call and find my favorite cousin J. Now, I have to admit that he and I have not seen each other in many many many years.. in fact we were about 12 the last time we saw each other and yeah that addes up to many many years. We talked and caught up w/ each other and as much as we could in an hour's time, and I look forward to talking to him. And may I also say, Praise Be for Computers. Needless to say, I will be able to keep up alot easier w/ him via his MP now. As long as he does't lock me I find that although I've grown up, gained weight, and stopped wearing makeup; he grew up, toned up, and is a damn good looking guy. Well J if you happen to read this.. Love Ya.

In another aspect of my life.. I found out that an ole' school chum is a sexual preditor... worse yet he's a teacher at our old school.

Travis Daniels, 35, of ****** pleaded guilty in federal District Court in @#&^$%$$^$ Thursday to two counts of knowingly receiving child pornography on his computer, authorities said.
Advertisement He is out on bond with electronic monitoring until he is sentenced, according to Assistant U. S. Attorney Deborah Groom of *****.The judge gets a pre-sentencing report from the federal probation office and typically sentences a defendant five to six weeks after the plea. Groom said Daniels faces a sentence of 5 to 20 years, a fine of up to $250,000 or both.She said the charges follow an April 11 search of Daniels' home.Daniels pleaded guilty to two counts of receiving one or more pictures of minor girls engaging in sexually explicit conduct in late 2006 and early 2007.

he solicited two underagegirls in IA to send him email video's of themselvesmasterbating to his school email b/c he didn't wanthis wife to find them on his home email. It isanticipated that he will receive in the neighborhoodof 12 years (of which he can serve approximately 70%of the time). The Feds kinda frown on teacherssoliciting porn on school computers. That's theupdate as of Friday from my pals at the Fed Pros Ofc.

Now, he's going to find out the hard way what it costs to be a Pervert

I know that my hometown will never forget/ forgive him for this. I onlly hope that his children are not paying for the sins of thier father.

Other than all this there isn't too much else to tell. I'll be back more often to keep you updated on my boring life.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Half a Year gone by

Ok, so my manager went on Vaca last week and left the shop ( basically ) to the Assistant Manger and the Second Assistant Manager ( that's be me ). And I had last weekend to look out for the store, and wouldn't you know it.. Equipment Failure BIG TIME. So, Shutting down half our business to take care of it. Phone calls on top of phone calls... checking breakers, switches, computers, and everything else we can think of I had to call Maintainance to finally come out. Would you believe it was just some burned out wires that needed to be replaced. nearly half my shift w/ a major money maker down... ouch. And to go with all that, we had a power surge and my computers took nearly 20 minutes to reboot.. so No Registers Working. OMG !! Then to top it off, I get home relax refresh and check my emails.. only to find one from my manager.. "Do You Miss Me Yet ?".. I bout Fell Out.
On the Stalker front... he's still around but I do my damnest to send him to a different cashier and to ignore him .. I mean we are busy and I don't have the time / patience for his stares and stammers. He comes in not as often, but I was in hopes he'd have found himself another place perhaps even another face. But he's not dangerous and knows that I AM Very Happily Married and will remains so regardless his Hexes. Besides if anything were to happen w/ my marriage I seriously doubt that I would "Date" anyone for years.

Well It's raining again I am really tired of rain. I do wish it would go somewhere else... like Virgina. It's rained so often lately that I am water logged, not just the land .. but me personally. Oh, my tomatoes love it.. and I love my tomatoes. So, since I don't seem to have an IN with Mother Nature I'll deal w/ it. However much I miss the sunshine, I don't miss the heat.

Yeah, of course, I have my usual complaint about Samantha King. I saw her the other day, buying beer as usual, and would you believe it.. She's Pregnant. I mean come on. She does not have custody of any of her kids, her husband ( a drunk in his own right ) beats her, the state takes away her kids, and still she gets pregnant to give the state and us tax payers another mouth to take care of. And to top that off... She drinks .. drinks a shit load. So much so that the woman, who does not speak very much.........., knows just how much money to bring to pay for her booze, to the penny. I wish there were something I could do, but I happen to know that others have tried, and failed. I wish there were someway the state could make the Hospital ( has to give birth somewhere ) perform and Tubal Ligation on her. I mean, since I have worked at the store she has been pregnant 3 times. Three Times people, and she had a small child when I started, and has custody of none of them. I can only hope for the best for them and those to come. Oh, I know it sounds brutal, but I am of the mind that some people should have to prove that they will be good and responcible parents.

Ok, enough of my "Soap Box". ON to Independence Day, which my town celebrated yesterday for everyone.

I hope that comes through okay for you to see. It's hard to believe that so much time has already gone by.. Seems as I get older, Time goes by so much faster. Perhaps it is that I just feel I am missing so much now, and am looking around that much more, making time go by faster for me.
You have a wonderful Independce Day, and I hope You have someone to celebrate with so understands all the Implications of that day, for our Country, our Lives, and our Futures.

Blessed Be, Love Many, Trust Few, and Harm None

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yellow Ice


You got it .. Yellow Ice.. well actually it's suppose to be hielo . It's Spanish for the word Ice and when spoken sounds exactly like the word "Yellow". I hear it spoke every day and every time I hear it I think of someone peeing in the I know I know I shouldn't make fun of another language, but it still tickles my funny bone.
I haven't seen much of Samantha King lately but then again I haven't been on the register much for her to annoy me and she does annoy me and the others. Perhaps a few days w/o her will brighten my outlook.
Oh, I saw my stalker the other day, I 'd forgotten about it. I joked to my boss " OH Look My Stalker.. " and I figured it had been so long since I'd seen him that he'd given up.. but still I didn't come out from behind my counter. Unfortunately I'm still in his radar.. My Co Worker was to the point and on my behalf told him "NO". So, since then I've avoided helping him while still staying behind the counter or out of his sight...
Another guy ( in his 20s .. so too young to take seriously ) comes in and I told him one night I was ready to run away.... he told me " I don't have much money, but I figure we could make it out of this little town. I"ll be waiting for you after you get off of work. " Oh, no.. don't get me wrong.. the kid knows me well enough not to have taken me seriously. He wasn't waiting on my when I left work. Oddly enough, he is what an ex co -worker called "My Future Ex Husband" and that idea of him just stuck.. lol.
As for my "Boy friend" I haven't seen him in a while.. In case I haven't mentioned him before.. he is Blond, Blue Eyed, Well Spoken, and has never forgotten my name since I told him a year ago. I was stocking bags of ice into the merchandiser when he walked away from his dad to ask me.. " What is Your Name ?".
Heehee, he's 4 yrs old. He always makes a point to say hi to me. He's soo sweet, and anytime his dad comes in w/o him I always try to ask about how he's doing. The last time I saw his dad, I was told that I was turned down in lou of a swimming pool. LOL. I'm sure I'll see him again.

I have a lot of people that I enjoy seeing. A few I see every so very often. Perhaps I'll tell you more. Until then I'd better get off of here and get my but into gear so that I can get ready for work.

Love Many, Trust a Few, Harm None

Saturday, June 16, 2007

No Longer the Party Queen

Well, I get a weekend off .. the first in months and D and I decide to go see a friend and meet her at the bar she works at part time.. they have a band playing too. So, we leave the house at nearly 9 pm and it some 20 minutes later when we get there.. we don't know anyone, and I don't see my friend. She isn't working that night but already told me that she made plans to be there for the band w/ another friend. So, we order up something to drink while we wait a while. And finish those drinks. Finally I catch a break and ask the girl tending bar about J; only to find out she hadn't shown at all. I am so disappointed.

So, we drive back to our town.. perhaps one of our joints .. another beer.. people we recognize; only they have a band too.. and a cover charge. Well, instead we are back home again.. an early night for sure. LOL.. It's definite.. I am no longer a party animal. I have truly outgrown the beer drinking, pool shooting, gossip driven Diva of my youth. Oh well, time for something else

OH, by the way.. I have an update on my ex co-worker and her incarceration. After being hauled in for copping an attitude w/ the deputy ( YOu won't arrest me.. none of you would.. and so on ) and her horrid drive to jail ( pull over I"m going to be sick ). She got bailed out by Daddy Dearest, then told him that the deputy offered to let her go if she did some sexual favors for the deputy.
Now, let me reinterate my Ex Co Worker ( let call her A ). A told everyone that she was moving to TOWN to go to college and become a Child Psychologist... even though she doesn't like children. Oh, she moved.. she packed up her car, her two year old and her Boy Toy boyfriend ( about 4 years younger than her ) and moved in w/ another girl in TOWN.. until she had to move. Then after she gets back .. I'm pregnant.. No I'm NOT pregnant.. So and So is a Lier... No, I'm pregnant.. see the ultrasound. She had many customer convinced that she was going to have to have surgery on her knees, and that was a lie; that she was joining the army, and that was a lie..
So , tell me.... How am I suppose to believe her when she says the Deputy asked for Sexual favors ... ESPECIALLY when there is Recorders recording all that was said IN THE CAR. What surprizes me the most is the fact that her father actually believes her.. when he knows the stupid shit she pulls all the time, and is going to TRY to sue the county... LOL what a joke. Dumb Ass

So, that's the latest news on that front.. Until later.

Love Many, Trust Few, and Harm None

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Offense # 3269

Seriously, Samantha King has got issues. She seems to be under the illusion that I am Incompetent, and cannot do a simple thing. She comes up to the counter w/ Lotto cards, only she will not allow me to process them until after I do the "First" order, then I do the Lotto Transaction, then Cigarettes.. and by this time there are 4 other people waiting on her to finish so that they can do their ONE ... complete order.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about my EX co-worker ( and I use the word loosely ) .. Apparently she got pulled over by a local deputy ( I do like him ), and when she could not produce Identification she got mouthy w/ him. So, he took her in and let her spend the night in jail.. I loved it.. Laughed my Ass off over that. She's had it coming for some time now.. all her big talk.. and talk is all she is.

Then last night, to top it all off I got stuck working w/ E-ORE. I'm serious, slow, lazy, but not cute and adorable. I just cannot understand people who have such suckie work ethics. I had to bully her to get her to do her job Away from the register. I had berate her into understanding that she just cannot walk away when ever she felt like it.. She turned me into the BITCH from Work. I do not like having to baby sit, and she pushed me to the limits w/ her lazy ass stupidity. However, my Boss gets to work w/ her tomorrow... heehee. I hope she ( E-ORE ) pulls her stupid shit w/ Boss. She will be written up for it and eventually be moved on out.

This after noon I was suppose to meet up w/ a friend and dig up some of the bulbs I have.. only the bottom fell out and we got flooded w/ rain.. It has been raining continuously for over an hour now, the winds have taken down the boat cover, and hopefully has not destroyed my garden. I am glad to not have to water then I actually slept in thinking I was going to have to remember to do so this evening. I'm sure the big garden is loving it, not to mention the watermelon patch .

Well, now that I've listed Samantha Kings offense of the day, and laughed over an old co-worker's vanity , and bitched about a new co-worker's stupidity; I think I'll finish working on our Supper ( roast, home grown corn on the cob, and baked potato and sweet potato ) and enjoy the rest of my day off.

Until next time..

Love Many, Trust Few, Harm None

Monday, June 11, 2007

"Samantha King"

We finally have a name for our advisary at work.... Samantha King. Now, this is not the real name, but one we have picked for all our troubles.

She is the one that is upsetting the whole community and I soon hope to tell you all about her. When she comes in :
1 ) we can barely understand her .. mostly because she mumbles and yet expects us to understand her every wants and needs ;
2) has created her own language and speaks it all the time and expects us to conform to HER even though we don't live in her house or under her rules;
3) has her own place yet stays everywhere else expecting others to feed and clothe her and give her money and pay all her bills ; and
4) her children.. about 6 of them I believe. They are unruly, messy, LOUD, and most generally running wild doing what every they want and making a mess doing it.

Now, Samantha King is the type of parent that allows this wild behavior, ignoring our frowns ( cause speaking to HER does no good ). Samantha King is the customer who does NOT know how to work a Gas Pump yet gets pissed off when we "Don't" turn it on for her ( even though she has already paid for it ). Samantha King is the customer who gets totally SHIT FACED Saturday night, yet is first in church to confess all the sins only to be first to get the beer Sunday afternoon ( can't buy alcohol before 12:00 pm on Sundays ).

Believe me, I'll have more stories to tell about Samantha King and her Language, Kids, and Customer Skills in the future, I just wanted to give you a glimpse of her today.

Other than HER, everything is going well. Went to town yesterday and did some pictures for a friend at Walgreen's, shopping, shopping, shopping .. I was sooo Tired when K and I got home. She got a new shirt that says " Lock Up Paris " heehee, and it's pink. She wears it proudly. I got a couple new shirts, a pair of lounge pants, some support hose ( for my ankles since I had Deep Vein Thrombosis ) and a new bra .. now They enter a room before I do . Every once in a while I don't mind doing this but next time I'm going to do it when I have the next day off lol. I could have slept till noon just because I've been so tired. No, I'm fine, just feeling a bit nappy ( could nap a couple times a day if I allowed lol ) , but know if I did I'd only make myself into a night owl again. I always could sleep during the day time more than at night.